Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fake News Article


"The NBA is giving away free tickets to upcoming games" click here for free tickets. The NBA commissioner has gone crazy and is giving away free NBA tickets. He said fans will be awarded Free tickets to a game if they eat McDonald's for 30 days straight. The commissioner announced this in hopes of better attendance to basketball games. He also said you must sign up to attempt getting the free tickets and register to enter the giveaway of the free tickets. He stated everyone who purchases McDonald's everyday will have a number on their receipt. He said the number you get on your receipt the first day you will get for the next 29 days. If people can turn in all thirty of their recites with the same number their number will be put into a big bucket. There will be a number chosen randomly and if it is your number you get 43 free tickets to a random game that will be picked by the commissioner soon. There is a link to register here. This link will bring you to the site you register on, and all you have to do is enter you personal information and you credit card number and you will be on your way to free tickets.

Image result for big mac

Here is a quote from the best player in the NBA. “This is a genius deal that the commissioner, and McDonald's have made an agreement on, it is so smart and supports a healthy lifestyle”.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Fake news sites

Buy your own ancestor-  This is a bad site to me because I do not want to buy an ancestor. There is a ton of ad sites. Even if someone buys an ancestor it's still not actually their real family tree. It also has a fake sales o meter.
Dog island- I don't think there is actually a dog island. This is a fake website that was probably created for ad money and the person that created it just wants people to click on the article.
Mankato Minnesota- I think the background for the website is bad. I don't like the way the flowers look with the black text. Also if I were to go on a vacation to a place that I have never heard of I would like to know more about it than what was written in the website. I would think that an official website for a vacation would have more than two paragraphs explaining the vacation.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Leading Lines

In the picture of the road there are lines that are leading to the car ahead. In the picture with the light there are lines leading up to the light. I think the pictures are okay.

Point of view

I chose a water bottle because I thought it would be cool to take pictures of it from different angles. I think the images that I took are ok. I took a picture from the top of the water bottle and the side and the bottom for different points of view.